Useful Features When Taking your Chevy Camping

August 3rd, 2021 by

rear view of a truck

June is National Camping Month which means it’s time to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. We have all the latest Chevy models available today at Landers Chevrolet of Norman, Oklahoma! Come see us to pick out your next adventure companion!

One of the most useful features of new Chevys that allows you to reach nearly any campsite is the advanced all- or four-wheel-drive system. Either four- or all-wheel-drive is available on almost any new Chevy besides a few cars and small SUVs. Having power distributed to all four wheels allows you to traverse through any woodsy terrain to arrive at that perfect campsite that you’ve had your eye on visiting. If it rains while you’re there, no worries! You can plunge through the mud on your way home without getting stuck. Once you get home with your muddy Chevy, all your neighbors will be jealous of your weekend adventures!

Another great feature of modern Chevys is the power outlets in the cargo area or truck bed. Having this plug at the back of your Chevy allows you to bring along accessories that don’t just need to be powered by batteries! You can hook up fans, kitchen supplies, or even air pumps so you don’t run out of breath blowing up that sleeping pad.

Finally, Chevy navigation systems are useful when getting out to the campsite. Unlike your phone that can lose reception, Chevy’s navigation systems work off satellites, so even in the densest tree-covered areas, you can still find your way to your destination.

Do you have any questions about how fun it would be to take your Chevy camping? Contact us today at Landers Chevrolet of Norman, Oklahoma so we can help equip you for your next adventure! We also sell genuine parts and accessories to make your next trip even easier!