How Easy is it to Roadtrip in an Electric Vehicle?

July 5th, 2021 by

Living electric is the smart way to drive into the future. With major cost savings and very little adjustment to traditional gas traveling, EV driving is the way to go for most drivers! When you make the switch to an electric vehicle, you get so much more than a new car. The Bolt is a fun and responsive all-electric vehicle that offers the perks of driving a Chevrolet along with less maintenance, more ways to “refuel,” and innovative ways to make living electric easier than ever. There are three easy ways to charge up your electric car and it is as easy as plugging in your cell phone.

The first way to charge your EV is a standard level one plug. This is a standard 120-volt portable charge plug. You can charge anywhere that has a three-prong outlet. This gets you about four miles of range per hour. This option is best to charge to 100% before you leave the house and then if you travel to a family member’s home or Airbnb, plug in on their 120-volt plug to recharge while you’re visiting.

The second, which is the most popular and best way to charge is by using a level two 240-volt charger. This lets you charge at home and get a full battery in a matter of hours instead of days. You can install a high-voltage plug or use one of our partners to install a home wall-charging box. You’ll get about 25 miles of range per hour with this method. Many hotels and lodges offer level-two charging if you are traveling as well.

The quickest way to charge is by using a DC Fast Charger. Units are placed around major highways in the U.S. to charge your electric vehicle over 100 miles in less than 30 minutes. This is the best way to get that extra bit of juice if you can’t make it to your destination on one battery tank.

Ready to road trip an all-new way with an electric Chevy? Come see us at Landers Chevrolet of Norman to get set up with your car of the future today!