How Many Sooners Can the New Silverado HD Haul?


1000 × 750

The all-new 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD has hit our lot at Landers Chevrolet in Norman, and we couldn’t be more excited! Add in that our Sooners are currently 7-1, and boy, it’s good to be an Oklahoman. Since we love Chevy trucks and our Sooners, let’s see how this beastly truck can handle our powerhouse team.


Let’s start with maximum cargo volume -- in other words, how much you can fit into the bed of the Silverado HD. The max cargo volume is 83.5 cubic feet. If we were to put this into Sooner terms, that’s 625 gallons of Gatorade


The maximum payload capacity (how much weight you can have in the bed of the Silverado HD) is 7,442 pounds. According to the NCAA, the average college football player is 232 pounds. This means we should only put 32 Sooners in the back of our Silverado (it’ll be a tight squeeze!). The good news is this leaves us capacity for tailgating supplies.


But we can’t leave the rest of our Sooners behind! Good thing the Silverado can tow up to 35,500 pounds! This means we can leave all our tailgating gear in the bed of the Silverado, put all our Sooners on a trailer, and haul them to their next victory! Overall we have 55 offensive Sooners, 58 defensive Sooners, 6 special Sooners, and 11 coaching Sooners, which adds up to 130 total people. If we use the average weight of 232 pounds, this would only be 30,160 pounds. We might as well throw in all the mascots and cheerleaders, along with all the Gatorade they could ever drink! 


Are you ready to be an all-star this season with the all-new 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD? Then come see the only Chevy dealer in Oklahoma who is partnered with Sooner Athletics -- Landers Chevrolet in Norman!

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