Chevrolet Finds Americans Love Trucks, Especially Chevys


Wrapping up what’s been an exciting Chevy Truck Month, Chevrolet has partnered with the Harris Poll to ask over 1,000 pick-up truck drivers what they think (and how they feel) about their trucks. For the longest time, trucks have been a wildly dominant sector in the automotive market, so Chevrolet wanted to dig into the data and find out what’s exactly behind the passion for trucks. Ultimately, Chevy hopes to use this information to continue to make high-performing, dependable trucks that will truly fill the needs of future truck-lovers and drivers.

According to the survey, 27% of pick-up truck drivers love their truck so much they’ve given it a name, with the most popular name being Betsy and the second most popular being a combination of Big/Little/Old Red. Some of the other popular names are included in the above graphic. 89% of the drivers surveyed said they have used their truck at one point or another to help someone out including towing a friend or family’s car and using their truck to help support a local cause. 57% of truck owners consider their truck a big part of the family, with 45% of them saying they plan on passing their truck down to a loved one. 38% of them say that their pickup is their prized possession and 60% say that could never live without one.

Trucks also have a lot to do with important life moments, the Harris Poll found. 26% of surveyed truck drivers say they learned how to drive in one, 10% say they brought at least one of their babies home from the hospital in one, and 9% remember their first kiss in a pickup truck. Driving a truck also seemed to have some positive self-image effects, too. 38% of pickup truck owners believe driving one makes them more attractive, and 37% of them believe that driving a pickup truck adds to their popularity. With all of this information at their fingertips and some incredible trucks already available on the lineup, we’re excited to see what’s to come for new Chevrolet pickup trucks in the future.


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