Call Me Out -- Chevrolet’s Effort to Stamp Out Distracted Driving


According to a recent study, 84 percent of drivers agree that distracted driving is incredibly dangerous, yet 90 percent of those same drivers admit to using their phone while driving anyway. The team at Chevrolet is committed to changing these dangerous driving behaviors in every way possible. On top of developing revolutionary safety technology that’s implemented in all Chevy models, Chevrolet just hosted a hackathon to challenge young programmers to come up with innovative ways to significantly reduce distracted driving. Out of this valiant effort, the Call Me Out app was born. An application you can easily download to your smartphone, Call Me Out aims to use the influential power of technology and the love we have for our friends and family to keep us safe while driving any car.

Installing the app is a simple process: just go to the Google Play Store on an Android or the App Store on an Apple iPhone to download it. Once the app is on your phone, simply invite family and friends to leave a friendly message reminding you why you shouldn’t use your phone will driving. Simple things like, “Hey, that’s probably not a good idea!” to “It’s your mom and dad. We love you! Please don’t use your phone and drive” will have all of us second guessing using our phones behind the wheel -- especially if the message is from loved ones. When you drive, the application uses the GPS and accelerometer on your phone to detect when the car is going faster than 5 miles per hour. The messages will automatically play if the phone is picked up at any time while the car is in motion, and there are even points to be earned a scoreboard that’s available on the app allows you to go head-to-head and see who can be the safest on the road. What a wholesome competition!


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