The Future of Sports Performance--A Hybrid Camaro?


The electric vehicle market is heating up across the globe, which ultimately has automakers rapidly brainstorming about the future and thinking of changes that might be necessary to make to their lineups. Of these automakers, American-based Chevrolet has begun to turn its developing eye towards the classic Chevy Camaro in order to not only give it more driving power but also add to its overall fuel efficiency. Certainly interested in what customers want in their automobiles, Chevrolet took their research directly to Chevrolet-owners to find out exactly what drivers want.

Sending out a survey to Camaro-owners, Chevrolet asked drivers what kind of engine they would prefer if they were to purchase another sports car. Those who received the survey were asked to choose from four engine options or none of the above including: a 4-cylinder 2.7L Turbo engine with 310 HP, 25 mpg combined and a 0-60 mph sprint in 5.2 seconds for $0 (standard), a 4-cylinder 2.0L Hybrid Turbo engine with 365 HP (total system power), 30 mpg combined and a 0-60 mph jaunt in just in 4.4 seconds for $4,000, an 8-cylinder 6.2L engine with 455 HP, 20 mpg combined and a 0-60 mph burst in 4.0 seconds for $4,000, and an 8-cylinder 6.2L Hybrid engine with 545 HP (total system power), 24 mpg combined and a zippy 0-60 mph in just 3.7 seconds for $8,000.

Taking a quick glance at these potentially powerful powertrains, it’s plain to see that both hybrid engines give the Camaro extra horsepower and fuel efficiency that grants the sports car additional everyday usage. For now, Chevrolet asserts, “We routinely survey our customers across all of our vehicles on potential future technologies or features, but that doesn’t mean we are going to institute them,” so it’s very possible a hybrid Camaro may never come to fruition. But we’ll keep our eyes and ears open and who knows, maybe we’ll see one sooner than we think!


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