Fifteen New Performance-Inspired Race Parts are Released for the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2


A fan-favorite since its inception, the newest Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 was built for ultimate performance both on and off the road. Starting at just $42,500 with a max towing capacity of 5,000 pounds, the Colorado ZR2 puts other midsize trucks to shame. On top of the impressive standard metrics that arrive standard in the latest Chevy Colorado ZR2, Chevy Performance in collaboration with Multimatic and Hall Racing has just released 15 different race components that have been both developed and validated with well over 10,000 miles of insane off-road racing. Over the last 24 months, famed off-road master Chad Hall helped test out these performance parts in a decked out Colorado ZR2 in various off-road races to see how they would last over time. Mark Dickens, executive director of Chevrolet Performance Variants, Parts and Accessories and Motorsports, explains, “Off-road racing is a brutal test of a vehicle, and especially its suspension components. Over two years, Chad mercilessly pushed these ZR2 parts to the limit for the ultimate in development and validation.”

Now that these new Colorado ZR2 performance parts have been tried and tested, they are ready to start making their way to the consumer market over the next couple of months. Chevy expects the parts to go on sale starting now and releasing all the way through early 2019. Let’s quickly go through all of the exciting new racing accessories that will be available for the new Colorado ZR2 coming soon.

1. 1.5-inch Body Lift System -- The ZR2 1.5” Body Lift System retails for $937.50 and increases both the rear and front fender tire clearance for even more off-roading fun.


2. Front Lift Kit w/High Angle Upper Control Arm Ball Joint System -- If you need even more clearance, the Front Lift Kit w/High Angle Upper Control Arm Ball Joint System increases the Colorado ZR2’s front approach angle and the front ride height by 1.25”. Pricing is to be determined.


3. High Angle Upper Control Arm Ball Joint System -- Pricing also to be determined, the High Angle Upper Control Arm Ball Joint System ultimately enables more upper ball joint articulation in the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 for extra front suspension travel.


4. Front Long Travel DSSV Shocks -- Providing an additional 15% increase in overall suspension on the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, the Front Long Travel DSSV Shocks are the ultimate off-roading accessory. Pricing is still to be determined.  

5. Rear Long Travel DSSV Shocks -- The Rear Long Travel DSSV Shocks that are available for the Chevy Colorado ZR2 provide it with an additional 10% increase in the overall rear suspension, with pricing to be determined.


6. Anti-Wrap Link System -- Retailing for $1,218.50, the Anti-Wrap Link System designed for the Colorado ZR2 helps prevent the wrapping of the axle under significant acceleration and braking, and it also improves the suspension especially when in extreme off-roading conditions.


7. Long Travel Leaf Spring System -- The Long Travel Leaf Spring System available in the Colorado ZR2 retails for $3,312.50 and increases the Colorado’s rear ride height around 30 mm in order to allow for a standard off-road payload to be carried with ease while off-roading.


8. Jounce Striker/Leaf Spring Mount System -- Optimized to work with both the Rear Jounce Shock System and the Long Travel Leaf Spring System, the Jounce Striker/Leaf Spring Mount System aims to reduce the stress due to travel and load as well as increase performance of the springs in the Chevy Colorado ZR2. This system retails for $2,062.50.


9. Front Jounce Shock System -- The Front Jounce Shock System ($1,231.25) is a secondary bump sock that works in tandem with the Rear Jounce Shock System to deliver an incredible off-roading ride every time in the new Chevrolet Colorado ZR2.


10. Rear Jounce Shock System -- The Rear Jounce Shock system ($1,543.75) significantly enhances motion control of the all-new Colorado ZR2, provides excellent bottoming protection, and increases bump capacity for the suspension.


11. Cross Car Beam System -- With a price of just $575, the Cross Car Beam System helps create a structural beam across the ZR2’s frame to counteract any load from the Rear Jounce Shock System


12. Rear Differential Cover -- Starting at $687.50, this anodized aluminum Rear Differential Cover provides a substantial platform for the Anti-Wrap Bar System... and looks good doing it.


13. Steel Driveshaft -- Made to offer the best resistance for off-roading impact damage, this available 3.5” Steel Driveshaft gives the Chevy Colorado ZR2 an increased clearance over any obstacles that may cross its path. It retails for $518.75.


14. Tie Rod Sleeve System -- The Tie Rod Sleeve System available for the Colorado ZR2 for just $237.50 handily increases buckling strength for off-roading and racing conditions all while maintaining the stock tie rods.


15. Ball Spline Half Shafts -- Priced at just $3,840, these Ball Spline Half Shifts ultimately improve articulation on the Chevy Colorado ZR2 while simultaneously reducing feedback force through the steering wheel during hard turns and off-road rumbles.


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