Top Tailgating Necessities for OU Sooner Football Games this Year


Summer’s coming to a close, fall is just barely upon us, and the first OU Sooner football game of the season is finally here this weekend! On September 1, our beloved University of Oklahoma Sooners face off against the Florida-Atlantic Owls in the kickoff game you won’t want to miss. The longstanding tradition of tailgating is absolutely essential for community-building, team spirit, and a whole lot of fun before the game even begins, so we’ve compiled a list of the absolute tailgating necessities as you prep to cheer on the Sooners to their first victory of the school year. BOOMER SOONER!

  • Chairs -- Fold them up and bring them on down, chairs are a must-have for the ultimate tailgating experience. In times of fullness or fatigue from having too much fun, chairs will ensure everyone is properly rested to enjoy the game.

  • Grill & Fuel -- Kind of important for all the burgers and dogs, a portable grill (and the right fuel to get it started) is required for all your cooking needs. If you’re using a charcoal grill, don’t forget to bring something to store your ashes.

  • Food -- If you don’t bring any food to a tailgate, you may as well just go home. Whether you’re cooking up hot dogs, hamburger, or tofu, make sure to bring enough food to share with everyone. We recommend lots of chips and dip. Oh, and a meat and cheese platter… yum.

  • Shade Tent/Canopy/Pop Up Tent -- When you’re celebrating the beginning of football season all day long, the sun can be pretty brutal. Bring along a spacious canopy to keep you and your fellow Sooner fans cool. If you’ve got the space, we suggest bringing more than one just in case.

  • Balloon, Flag or Banner -- Although the beloved OU flag may be a tailgating staple, coincidentally it also looks like all the other OU flags that will also be flying at the tailgate. How will your friends find you? Make your own special flag or grab a different colored helium balloon to make your section stand out amongst the rest.  

  • Cooler -- Keep your drinks and regiferables cold with… coolers! Label your coolers for added organization so your Sooner tribe knows exactly what’s inside each one.

  • Utensils, Cooking Tools & Cutlery -- Have you ever tried to flip a burger without tongs? We don’t suggest it. Pack up the correct utensils, any cooking tools you may need, as well as plates, bowls, cups, etc. so you’ll never be unprepared. Make sure to bring more than one set of tongs if you plan on working with raw meat, too.

  • Radio/Bluetooth Speaker -- Don’t miss a moment of the Sooner action while you’re tailgating with a radio or Bluetooth speaker. If commentary isn’t your thing, blast some exciting tunes to make everyone jam out!

  • Games -- A Sooner tailgate isn’t complete without games to play with friends and family. Cornhole -- or Baggo, as some call it -- is a great kid-friendly game to play with all, while the adults may prefer to bring out a pong table of some kind.

  • Fans, Friends & Family -- Without other Sooner fans to partake in the party, a tailgate just isn’t the same. Invite your friends, your family, and your favorite Sooner fans to come tailgate with you on game day for some lifelong memories and a lot of laughter.

  • OU Sooner Gear -- This one may go without saying, but tailgating is the time to sport your best Sooner gear with pride. Don’t be afraid of that face paint, rock it! BOOMER SOONER!


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